Dr. Beverly Fleisher is a national award-winning education advocate for children with disabilities and their families.  Her work has been recognized by the broader community through the STEVIE Award for best new service by a woman entrepreneur.

Dr. Fleisher has both personal and professional experience with neurological, developmental, learning, and related disorders.  She has become expert in working with school systems and providers; experience that has cultivated the unique ability to generate the best outcome for your child.

Among her areas of expertise are:

  • special education planning, implementation and evaluation;

  • the purposes, analysis, use and misuse of assessments;

  • education benefit review;

  • psychopharmacology;

  • therapeutic modalities, and;

  • special education and disability law.

Dr. Fleisher holds a degree from Stanford University and has extensive training in, and experience with, special education law.  She is an Associate Member of the American Bar Association's Section on Disability Law and named athought leader in youth employment.  She also is a trained mediator.

Prior to becoming an advocate for children with special needs, Dr. Fleisher held several positions within The Executive Office of the President, giving her unmatched experience supporting recommendations and building consensus among stakeholders.

Dr. Fleisher has used her wealth of knowledge and experience to develop Guerrilla Advocacy™, a highly effective means of advocating for your child.

Please note that although Dr. Fleisher has extensive training in numerous areas, she is not a licensed lawyer or a medical professional.  Therefore, her advice should not be construed as either legal or medical in nature.

About Dr. Fleisher

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